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2511 Utah NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 294-6193
Email:  [email protected]

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am-Noon

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DAV Transportation 

The DAV Transportation Department is active throughout the State and provides veterans transportation to medical appointments at the various VA hospitals and clinics around New Mexico.  Coordinators work locally in locations throughout New Mexico to make sure that our Veterans get the medical attention they need.  Transportation Coordinator Lupe Cruz works out of the VA Hospital in Albuquerque.  To arrange transportation, you can call (505) 256-2821.  You can also call your Area Coordinator, a list of which can be found below:

DAV #14
(505) 506-8702

Cortez, CO
Ross Watkins
Cell:  (970) 676-1116
Home:  (970) 882-2462

Durango, CO
Warren Kerzon
(970) 442-0149

Espanola/Santa Fe
Merejildo Ortega
Cell:  (505) 414-0421

Brenda Hunt
(505) 793-1782

Wayne Robertson
Cell:  (928) 245-0651

Las Cruces
Inez Dominguez
Cell:  (575) 642-5739

T or C
Julia Bankson
Cell:  (575) 642-4411

Raton/Las Vegas
Edna Candelario
Cell:  (505) 414-0415

Silver City
Kelduyn Garland
Cell:  (575) 956-8302
Home:  (575) 590-0240

Socorro/Belen/Los Lunas
Cliff Brothers
(575) 835-0843
(505) 322-7225

The DAV Transportation program is always looking for a few good men and women to volunteer as POV (privately owned vehicle) drivers to help New Mexico Veterans get to and from their necessary medical appointments.  To volunteer, or for more information, contact Lupe Cruz, Transportation Coordinator, at (505) 265 2821.