of New Mexico

2511 Utah NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110
(505) 294-6193
Email:  [email protected]

Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am-Noon

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DAV Service Officers

Service Officers are those people that assist Veterans with claims, working with them through the adjudication process in order to create a successful and efficient claim.  They also assist with benefits, entitlements, compensation, and pensions to ensure that every earned benefit is received.  There are different kinds of Service Officers:  National (NSOs), Department (DSOs), and Chapter (CSOs).  The National Service Officers go through intensive and ongoing training in able to perform their duties and pass on their knowledge to the DSO and CSOs through scheduled training.  



Our National Service Office is located at 500 Gold SW, 3rd floor,  in Downtown Albuquerque.  Supervisor Gary Prescott, Eric Barlett and Jericho Dutchover are available to assist you M-Th 8am-3:30pm and Fri 8am-11am.  You can also call (505) 346-4864 with any questions.
(Free parking is located at 6th and Silver)
Our Department Service Officer operates out of the VA Medical Center in Albuquerque.  The office is located in T-62, Room 107 and can be reached at (505) 265-1711 ext. 2319 M-Th 10-2.  George Perez, the Department Service Officer, is also the Chapter 3 Service Officer.  He can be reached at (505) 710-0559.  Rob Brown, Chapter 5's Service Officer, works with George out of the VA.


Chapter 1 (Silver City)
John Tedford
(575) 590-1441
Chapter 15 (Santa Fe)
Felix Orlando Vigil
(505) 351-4073
Chapter 3 (Albuquerque)
George Perez
(505) 710-0559
Chapter 19 (Artesia)
Tom Lairson
(575) 308-6511
Chapter 5 (Rio Rancho)
Chapter 21 (Gallup)
Chapter 6 (Clovis)
John J. Fondrick
(575) 714-0619
Chapter 24 (Socorro)
Clifton Brothers
(575) 835-0843
Chapter 8 (Raton)
Chapter 25 (Chaparral)
Tom Lynch
(575) 824-5334
Chapter 9 (Aztec)
Judy Gilmore
​(505) 258-2504

Chapter 29 (Belen)
Alfredo Gomez
(505) 573-6801
Chapter 32 (Albuquerque)
Chapter 10 (Las Cruces)
Chapter 33 (Albuquerque)
David Young
(505) 883-7267
Chapter 12 (Taos)

Chapter 38 (Mesilla)
William Foster
​(575) 405-6747

Chapter 14 (Alamogordo)
Marc Miller
(575) 551-2495 or (575) 491-4392